Scratchers With Instant Rewards

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Receipt Lottery users earned game tokens by uploading their shopping receipts and taking surveys. They could buy lottery tickets using tokens. The MVP version only included the lottery.

The app achieved its main goals of attracting the correct user demographics and collecting the expected shopping data. Shopping receipt data powered the B2B analytics product.

The Users

In general all users should play the real lottery and shop at retailers that sell lottery tickets.

We were targeting users of specific demographics which would fill gaps within the existing panel of users.

User needs:

  • Free money / more wins
  • Less waiting

Problem + Goals

The MVP version only included a weekly lottery and had poor retention rates. We dug into user reviews and survey results and found users simply forgot about the app or gave up.

The scratchers game was an idea from an old hack-day project. This project's research suggested scratch card players fit the desired demographics.

The main goals of the new game were:

  • Decreasing the wait for rewards.
  • Making users believe they can win.
  • Reducing "I can't do anything" moments in the product experience.
MVP Receipt Lottery app flow with user paint points

The Feature

This was the app's second game. The selling points were instant wins and 10 prizes. It mimics real-life scratchers.

Basic user flow is:

  1. The user can navigate to a view where they can select a game.
  2. After selecting scratchers, the user lands on the scratcher game. If the user doesn't have enough tokens, they're directed to upload receipts to get tokens.
  3. Pressing 'PLAY NOW' starts the game.
Flow showing how a user starts the game

If the user reveals 3 items of the same type, they win a prize. If they have enough tokens, they may play again. Below is a short prototype video of the win & play again flow.

The other end cases are as follows:

  1. The user wins, but cannot play again.
  2. The user did not match 3, but can play again.
  3. The user did not match 3 and cannot play again.
Game end state - Winner but out of tokens
Game end state - Loser but may play again
Game end state - Loser and cannot play again


No Takeaways?

I worked with our PM to invite 6 "eligible" co-workers for user testing using a prototype our android developer built. I drafted the testing script.

Everyone was able to get through the tasks of:

  1. Selecting the Scratchers game
  2. Starting a new game
  3. Revealing all items
  4. Proceeding to play again

We also asked for feelings about the rewards. The most indicative response was, "I want the tokens AND the coins AND a higher amount to keep playing."


Retention improved a bit. Real user feedback indicated the new game was enjoyable, but the rewards still felt low, RNG remained a factor, and the game did not remove wait times for processing receipts and receiving credits. The app was deprecated due to costs.



I was the sole product designer so I did the flows, UI, illustrations, logo and marketing. I conducted user testing of the new feature with internal folks.

I developed the webview templates and marketing site.


The highlight was getting this former hack-day project launched and seeing users of the right demographics download and use the app.

Unfortunately the app was shut down due to costs, but this pushed me towards focusing more on B2B projects that could increase sales and hence increase the budget for user rewards.