Visual Design Examples

UI and marketing work showing my visual design skills.

Canadian Hog
"Snoutfits" from Receipt Hog

This feature let users customize their hog avatar by purchasing a "snoutfits". Each snoutfit has a theme and 4 versions. "Space Hog" had the highest sales.

I drew all the artwork using Illustrator. The UI was designed using Sketch.

Rececipt Hog Snoutfits UI and Examples
Out of Milk Theming and Rebranding

I created a dark theme for a shopping list app called Out of Milk. It was a nice-to-have for users who wanted a UI suited for low lighting and better battery performance.

Survey data indicated a decent percent (~15%) of surveyed users work on their list while in bed.

Out of Milk Dark Theme

We also explored rebranding options to attract a more lucrative user base. Pre-launch survey feedback was positive. A more visual UI took ~60% of the vote out of three visual directions. We ended up reverting based on reviewer feedback and to accommodate users of low RAM phones.

I created the new branding, including the logo.

Out of Milk UI Examples
The Receipt Box feature was never built. I tested it internally using a prototype made in Pop app.

I also do marketing design. I've been the solo designer on a few teams so I've handled both product and marketing design (including branding). Below is App Store artwork for the French Canadian version of Receipt Hog.

Receipt Hog app store images for French Canada
Content Marketing

During the last couple of years at InfoScout/Numerator I took charge in content creation.

I used Illustrator to create infographics and used the B2B product to pull data. Client services would help out by giving me survey data and reviewing my work. I wrote most text and marketing would edit.

Infographic about shopping using Amazon Echo
Infographic about marijuana's impact on alcohol consumption
Infographic about halloween candy purchase behaviors
The town graphic was inspired by an old SNES video game called Earthbound.